It’s clingy

Xpert-60 Wheel Cleaner clings to properly clean wheels

Xpert-60 Wheel Cleaner. The boffins at the Xpert-60 labs have worked exceptionally hard on making sure it works. And it does, unlike conventional wheel cleaners, Xpert-60 Wheel Cleaner clings to surface to allow the product to work effectively and dissolve even baked on brake dust!. The challenge wasn’t making it clingy - easy peasy. The challenge was making it clingy - and still be able to be sprayed from a trigger spray. Well they succeeded with this new generation wheel cleaner - and they made it skin-safe too (although we would always recommend wearing gloves to do anything like cleaning wheels).

One of the benefit of the "New Generation" formulation as well as being skin-safe is that Xpert-60 Wheel Cleaner won’t harm plastics either. This means you can forget about overspray on wheel arches and other plastic trim


XPERT-60 wheel cleaner