Richard Tipper of Perfection Valet uses Xpert-60

Some of the cars detailed by Richard Tipper using Xpert-60 products

Richard Tipper started cleaning cars at age 14 – and it’s been his passion ever since. After starting a “proper” business aged 17, Richard cleaned his first supercar just a few years later.

Fast-forward to today and Richard “cleans” supercars daily. His experience and dedication has built for him an enviable reputation amongst the detailing cognoscenti. The accolades and superlatives from owners of the rarest and most expensive automobiles are endless. He can be trusted to do a great job.

And Richard uses Xpert-60 products regularly. A direct quote about Luxury Carnauba Wax from Richard’s twitter feed (@perfectionvalet) “Not something I often do but have to say this is a superb product by ‪@Xpert60. Stunning results.”

Now if one of Europe’s best top car detailers says that about a product – then there has got to be something in it.

See the pic at the top of this page for some of the cars Richard has used Xpert-60 products on…