• Amazing weekend at the GTI International Show - Shakespeare County Raceway

      The Xpert-60 brand was getting lots of attention at the “Show and Shine” area of the GTI International Show, where everyone wanted to showcase their four-wheeled  “pride and joy”.   We met some amazing people from lots of clubs and had a great time chatting GTIs! For the... read more

  • Xpert-60 liquid Shield US Gallon

    1 US Gallon Liquid Shield not just for Americans

    Liquid Shield, a multi-surface protectant that has a hydrophobic action (literally translated that means "water-fearing") which helps repel water and dirt build-up is also available in 1 US gallon packs (3.785 litres to us European folk). This pack size is great if you have a... read more

  • Xpert-60 Wheel Cleaner clings to properly clean wheels

    It’s clingy

    Xpert-60 Wheel Cleaner. The boffins at the Xpert-60 labs have worked exceptionally hard on making sure it works. And it does, unlike conventional wheel cleaners, Xpert-60 Wheel Cleaner clings to surface to allow the product to work effectively and dissolve even baked on brake... read more

  • Richard Tipper of Perfection Valet uses Xpert-60

    Richard Tipper started cleaning cars at age 14 – and it’s been his passion ever since. After starting a “proper” business aged 17, Richard cleaned his first supercar just a few years later. Fast-forward to today and Richard “cleans” supercars daily. His experience and... read more

  • Suzuki gets a red behind!

    Thanks to Paddy Connolly for sending in the review of his test of our Luxury Carnauba Wax.  “I'm a car fanatic and like to take great pride in what I own. I have used a lot of polishing products in the past, the best one being ‘Mer’ wax and polish, until today.” The 3 most... read more

  • Who's the Dummy Now?

    Firstly sorry to Shaun but couldn't resist posting this one. Pictured below at the Bologna Show is Shaun Finney, our Technical Sales Manager and an unknown tall, dark and handsome Italian gentleman. Both are sporting our limited edition Surf-ACE Polishing Apron (available... read more

  • Range Rover Sport Shines

    Thanks to John from Detailing World for sending us this picture of a very black and shiny Range Rover Sport.  John has been testing some of the Xpert-60 products and used the Xpert-60 Glass Cleaner 'worked well and didn't leave any streaks', the Nano Express Wax which left a '... read more

  • Bologna Italy - overcast skies

    Bologna or Bolton? The weather makes a big difference.

    We have just got back from the Autopromotec Show in Bologna, in previous shows the problem has been dealing with the searing heat and humidity as we were slowly cooked for five days on the stand. Not this year - the climate was definitely more Bolton than Bologna! (No offence... read more

  • Italian style for Xpert-60 - with live demonstrations

    The Xpert-60 detailing brand was presented in some style at the recent Autopromotec Show in Bologna. A combination of a state-of-the-art display and live product demonstrations succeeded in catching the eye of many Italian customers and show visitors from further afield. With... read more

  • Xpert-60 Tyre Creme on Hummer H3

    Tyre Creme on a BIG RED Hummer H3

    In between the rain, sleet and snow we managed to fit in a test of our unique Tyre Detailing Creme on probably the biggest wheels in Manchester! You can see the results for yourself by visiting our Xpert-60 Detailing Channel on youTube. Due to the size of the wheels it proved a... read more