• The background to, and the development of, the Xpert-60 brand

    Xpert-60, Professional technology – everyday use: Across Europe Xpert-60 is used by a variety of people - from professional detailers who look after such cars as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches and Rolls Royce’s for their owners, right through to the custom crowd who spend... read more

  • A Swedish road in winter

    Want to keep your vehicle immaculate in Sweden? Now, with Xpert-60, you can!

    Ever driven to Sweden and decided your car needed a spruce up after the journey? Most people think of cold winters, snow and reindeer when they hear of Sweden. But because of the warm Gulf Stream, the climate there can be much milder than expected. Spring, summer, fall and... read more

  • Ferrari F8 getting the Xpert-60 treatment

    XPERT-60 on YouTube

    Check out the high performance XPERT-60 range of detailing products on YouTube! If you want to see how products are used and how great they are – go to: You will also find Xpert-60 on out parent company, Concept Chemicals and... read more

  • New A4 size super quality Xpert-60 brochure with a full listing of products and merchandise

    New Xpert-60 brochure now available

    Xpert-60 have just launched their new brochure featuring all products, ancillaries and merchandise. The A4 size, 36 page brochure now lists every product in the Xpert-60 brand.

  • part of the new training school

    Major investment in Concept Head Office Training School

    Concept have upgraded their Training School with the latest electronic technology to provide a live, inter-active platform between our technical support team and our distribution partners worldwide. New lighting, cameras and two-way video conferencing equipment provides the... read more

  • New labelling for all Xpert-60 products

    Xpert-60 labelling design upgrade for 2021

    As you can see, we’ve upgraded the visual quality of our pack labels. To coincide with the UK leaving the EU and new labelling regulations, the XPERT-60 brand has received a design led, practical upgrade. Not only have we made the labels even more attractive, featuring some... read more

  • South East Asia

    Xpert-60 world news: South East Asia

    Xpert-60 is growing market share in south east Asia, gaining new distributors/users throughout that part of the world. All the products are suitable for use in hot and humid climates and perform beyond expectations delivering exceptional results. Autotec Asia will be launching... read more

  • A Caltex Petroleum site in Singapore

    XPERT-60 wins contract to supply Caltex valeting stations in Singapore

    Our Singapore distributor, Preferred Distributors Pte Ltd, won a contract for the supply of products to Caltex gasoline stations in Singapore. Caltex (the petroleum brand name of Chevron Corporation used in 29 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, and... read more

  • Malningarvorur Iceland win the Toyota business with the Xpert-60 Brand

    After undergoing extensive training in the use of the Xpert-60's professional product range which was developed for the car enthusiast, Toyota Iceland have made the commercial decision to promote and sell the Xpert-60 Brand in the retail shop of their dealership branch. Toyota... read more

  • VDB Fly in for training with the Xpert-60, Zirconite and Surf-ACE range of products!

    VDB Norway fly into Manchester for training to increase their product offering for their customers. 'We are looking for products for our customers which offer ease of use, quality, performance and in some instances give our customers an opportunity to up sell products and... read more